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Jessica H.O. – Life Is Good, American Arrogance

| May 16, 2009

I like her voice (and the eyes, I’m a sucker for crescent-shaped eyes). Apparently she kinda shot herself in the foot by publicly dissing BoA a few years back though, BoA being a music superstar in Asia or something. Btw, what is it with Asian chicks and using the word “fag”? I’m tallying it in [...]

David vs Goliath

| May 14, 2009

Interesting article. It’s long, but there’s lots of interesting gems. The part about the toy boats is pretty awesome. Thanks Eric. “There was one guy who wanted to have a fight with me in the parking lot,” Ranadivé said. “He was this big guy. He obviously played football and basketball himself, and he saw that [...]

Cereal Mega Review Part 1, China and North Korea

| April 8, 2009

Ah cold cereal, such a wondrous food. It’s so convenient, and it tastes good! I can eat cereal at any time of the day, and sometimes I do! In fact, I’m eating a bowl right now. And wow. I am writing about cereal. Pretty dorky. I’ve graduated from the cereals of yore, however. No more [...]

Women, Simpsons

| April 6, 2009

In light of recent news regarding the rape-your-wife law in Afghanistan and various others as seen here (flogged woman should be glad she didn’t get stoned, that’s not a pretty thing to see), I was going to write something about how irritated I was with conservatives, and how they’re all the same ’round the world, [...]

My Hands Have a Voice

| March 24, 2009

Oops, almost forgot to post this up. Saw this on TOKiMONSTA’s blog not too long ago. It’s a benefit for anti-slavery, Saturday April 18th, 7 PM at 8332 Commonwealth, Buena Park, CA 90621.  There will be music, a film, and an art auction. What’s the proper usage for “benefit” in this case? “Cancer benefit” [...]

Macabre iPhone App, Stupid Child Porno Charges

| January 20, 2009

I’m always interested in new and nifty apps for the iPhone. But this one was a little bit…different. Knights Armaments made a ballistics application package that lets you mount an iTouch/iPhone to your rifle. The main site is being slashdotted, so it might not load, but here’s an excerpt of its features: You can set [...]

Island Caretaker Job

| January 12, 2009

Awesome. No formal qualifications are needed but candidates must be willing to swim, snorkel, dive and sail. In return, the successful applicant will receive a salary of A$150,000 ($103,000, £70,000) for six months and get to live rent-free in a three-bedroom villa, complete with pool. The new recruit will work for just 12 hours a [...]

New Complete Footage of BART Shooting

| January 9, 2009 Thanks to Eric for the heads up. For the squeamish, the video isn’t gory, and the gun is surprisingly quiet. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to watch it, but I felt I had a responsibility to.  When reports first hit, I wondered if the cop had mistaken his gun for his taser, since [...]

What We Deal With

| January 9, 2009

“Hurry, I must get back so I can keep fighting,” he told the doctors. He was told that there were more serious cases than his, that he needed to wait. But he insisted. “We are fighting the Israelis,” he said. “When we fire we run, but they hit back so fast. We run into the [...]

BART Passenger Gets Shot in the Back

| January 7, 2009

Oh look, more! Son of baseball player shot in own driveway. Oops, forgot about this. But I had previously made a case for mandatory police video monitoring, and now we have a BART passenger shot in the back by an officer. According to witnesses and the cell phone video, the greatly outnumbered victim was face [...]