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Rule Britannia

| September 30, 2009 I love Wikipedia. I couldn’t think of this British anthem for awhile, but started reading about Britannia. It’s played quite a bit, especially in American media when showing off something British. You’ll probably recognize it if you fast forward to 3:45. Anyway, Britannia => Rule, Britannia => Youtube. Sweet.

Burcu Cetinkaya

| September 8, 2009

Holy hot mangoes! There’s something very attractive about fast, confident, and capable female drivers (not crazy, Bolsa, we’re-gonna-die, fast). And she happens to be pretty damn hot. And she has a female co-driver. Damn.

Jessica H.O. – Life Is Good, American Arrogance

| May 16, 2009

I like her voice (and the eyes, I’m a sucker for crescent-shaped eyes). Apparently she kinda shot herself in the foot by publicly dissing BoA a few years back though, BoA being a music superstar in Asia or something. Btw, what is it with Asian chicks and using the word “fag”? I’m tallying it in [...]


| April 2, 2009

Haha saw this on TOKiMONSTA‘s site. Looks like fun.

The Simpsons Foreclosure

| March 9, 2009

Zing! “I have this magical thing called a home equity loan. I borrow all the money I want, and the house gets stuck with the bill!”