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The Destruction of Chinese Culture in the Mainland, Mainland vs Taiwan

| July 2, 2009

And…more personal musings… I started chatting with my friend regarding Chinese culture on the mainland. I’ve never been, but from what I’ve read and heard, it sounds like the culture as I know it, as I lived it through my parents and family friends, is rapidly disappearing in China. Humility, reservedness, politeness, looking out for [...]

Koreans and Asian Race Relations, USDM K-Rage

| July 1, 2009

OK, I’m going to have to be careful, since I have Korean friends, and I don’t want to offend. Well, even if I didn’t have any, I still wouldn’t want to offend. I should probably play it safe and say nothing, but hey, I’m an honest, blunt SOB, so I’m gonna write this. I’m a [...]


| October 20, 2008

OOOk, I guess I’m a little *too* comfortable discussing my emotions. I don’t know, back in high school, they were things meant to be concealed, or to beat around the bush with. And it seemed so…well, “high school.” Inefficient. Childish, even. And as the years went by, it seemed like so many problems in the [...]

No New Posts For Awhile

| October 15, 2008

Things to do…futures to create…or planes to crash. That’s supposed to be a figure of speech. No, I am not a terrorist. Crossing my fingers, and pulling my hair.

Opera, Nerdery

| October 8, 2008

Huh. I never thought I’d like opera. I was introduced to some not too long ago, and then obtained a wide assortment of arias shortly after to peruse. My initial impression was, “Meh, it’s ok, but I think I prefer classical music.” But they keep popping up on my playlist, and as I listen to [...]

The Time Honored Tradition

| August 13, 2008

Ron Hsu 2:04 PM Chi Linh 2:36 PM why do you show me such things? Ron Hsu 2:37 PM it’s my duty as a male 2:37 PM to gross out the local womenfolk 2:37 PM it’s a time honored tradition Chi Linh 2:38 PM ;like womenfolk asking menfolk if they look fat? Ron Hsu [...]

Streets of Willow Springs CW 06-13-08

| August 8, 2008

Wow, almost 2 months ago. Streets of Willow Springs in Rosamond, California, going clockwise for the first time. It’s a lot scarier than counter-clockwise because of the blind chicane. I actually ended up bending one of my rims because of it. Click the video to visit youtube directly and switch it to high quality if [...]

To-Do List

| July 11, 2008

These lists seem to be in vogue at the moment. But I tend to forget things unless I write them down, and I so often choose not to write things down anyway! Visit more countries, preferably friendly and stable Get a SCUBA license and then actually use it. Scuba diving by Catalina sounds fun. Or [...]


| July 11, 2008

I think I should start organizing bar gatherings. My friend recently admitted to making out with her friend (male) while a bit drunk.  I was actually kind of proud of her lol. She’s usually so reserved and polite. Then there’s my coworker, who is sooooo quiet, and shows very little emotion. I thought *I* was [...]

Life Is Meaningless…Kinda.

| July 7, 2008

I’m not feeling particularly emo at the moment, so I probably won’t write much, nor will it be too introspective. I’ve gotta be in the mood for that. But Eric has been feeling existentialist lately, and we started talking about it.  I’ve been there, done that. Did I find an answer? Not really. More of [...]