Yesh, milord!

Food Party

| June 10, 2009

Wow wtf. The NY times article expired, but if you can find some clips, it’s very bizarre. It’s like pee wee herman + food + petite asian girl..

Pork Brains in Milk Gravy

| May 22, 2009

Wow. I don’t get disturbed by foods too easily, but this one does the trick. I am not curious how it tastes in the slightest bit. Look at the cholesterol content! Over 3 full-blown grams of pure cholesterol. Mmm mmm.

Cereal Mega Review Part 1, China and North Korea

| April 8, 2009

Ah cold cereal, such a wondrous food. It’s so convenient, and it tastes good! I can eat cereal at any time of the day, and sometimes I do! In fact, I’m eating a bowl right now. And wow. I am writing about cereal. Pretty dorky. I’ve graduated from the cereals of yore, however. No more [...]

Gordon Ramsay & Marco Pierre White

| February 5, 2009

I went from watching the latest ep of Hell’s Kitchen (U.S.) to a pair of articles on these two chefs. I’m not sure how. They’re old, but good (and I hadn’t read them). The first is about Gordon Ramsay and his initial foray into the American market, as well as his history and quest to [...]

Korean Food

| November 26, 2008

I need to learn how to cook it. I’ve been craving it lately, but I’m trying to save some cash. The hobo life is starting to drive me nuts. Lightly oiled beef wrapped in lettuce with spicy sauce…mmmmm…..or gamjatang. Or those sweet golden potatoes. Droool. I actually started pacing thinking about it. There’s a bunch [...]

Jen Yu – Superwoman

| November 20, 2008

I don’t know who this is – my cousin linked me. She takes amazing photographs, writes well, has an engineering background, and is a super chef. A goddess walks amongst us, people. I suddenly feel very incompetent. Seriously. Photos: Food recipes: Blog:

McDonald’s Burger from 1996

| September 24, 2008

This is f’n awesome. Her methods and claims are dubious, but it’s entertaining nonetheless. This is a hamburger from McDonalds that I purchased in 1996. That was 12 years ago. Note that it looks exactly like it did the very day I bought it. The flecks on the bun are crumbs from the bun. [...]