They should have sent a poet

Finite Simple Group (of Order Two)

| February 21, 2009

Oh god. Commence the groaning. It’s a Valentines-themed song using math lingo. It’s probably one of the nerdiest things I’ve ever seen. I seem like an uneducated barbarian (pre-fire era) before these guys. But it’s amusing. It’s kinda fun trying to identify which words are math keywords. ¬†Once you start wiki-ing them, it kinda makes [...]


| October 3, 2008

Donate money directly to classrooms that need funding for science projects. It looks like blogs, along with their “vassal” blogs, compete against each other to see who can rally the most financial support. Each classroom has a description of what their project needs are, as well as their relative poverty level. Pick one, donate, [...]