The goggles do nothing!

iPhone 4 antenna issue

| June 24, 2010 It happens on other phones but it definitely is accentuated on the new iPhone if you bridge the two antennas on the left. Merely contacting the two antennas at the same time isn’t enough – I tried putting my fingers on the two antennas as close as possible without covering the gap, and the [...]

Random Artist/Design Industry Blurb

| January 26, 2010

This is random, but I thought it was interesting. Plus, I like artists and designers, and I need to get my mind off healthcare stuff.  So my coworker told me he designed the look of Ken Block’s new Ford, as seen here: The skull logo seen at 0:42 is designed by his friend, Huck. Ken [...]


| January 5, 2010

[I take no responsibility if you google anything in this post.] So I was reading a post on reddit about a kid who made a lot of money, when I came across a term that I had gladly forgotten long ago in one of the comments…I haven’t chatted up with any Japanese nationalists lately denying [...]

Avatar 3D – “Dreaming with your eyes open”

| December 23, 2009

[Update] I’ve seen researched it a little more, and I’ve heard multiple complaints about the XpandD glasses. Also, apparently the IMAX version has the full cut, whereas the non-IMAX versions have a cropped cut, losing about 25% of the screen. Definitely see it in real IMAX if you can. “Cameron’s genius is this: He makes [...]

My Hands Have a Voice

| March 24, 2009

Oops, almost forgot to post this up. Saw this on TOKiMONSTA’s blog not too long ago. It’s a benefit for anti-slavery, Saturday April 18th, 7 PM at 8332 Commonwealth, Buena Park, CA 90621.  There will be music, a film, and an art auction. What’s the proper usage for “benefit” in this case? “Cancer benefit” [...]

Arial vs Helvetica

| March 11, 2009

So I was working on some documents and was starting to fiddle with fonts when I realized, “Hey! I’m on a Mac now! Helvetica should be accessible to me for the first time ever!” For all you Windows-only people who have never heard of Helvetica, Helvetica was/is the original de-facto standard font, before Arial was [...]

Olivo Barbieri’s Model World

| February 22, 2009

Nifty. His technique results in cities that look like models.

Designing a New Dutch 5 Euro Coin – Art and Tech Collide

| October 30, 2008

This is *so* cool. I want one! A contest was held to design a new Dutch 5 Euro coin, and a guy named Stani won, using fairly geeky methods and only free software to come up with something that’s actually quite beautiful and modern. You can read about his detailed methodology and his rationale at [...]

Balancing Yin and Yang in the Arts

| October 22, 2008

So, I went to a variety performance about a month ago called Fall for Dance at the OC Performing Arts Center. There were some interesting dances. But the last one, called Soldier’s Mass, by The National Ballet of Canada, kind of prodded me on a topic that I’ve been thinking about for awhile, and that [...]

Photorealistic speed painting – cgsbgs

| September 28, 2008