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[I take no responsibility if you google anything in this post.] So I was reading a post on reddit about a kid who made a lot of money, when I came across a term that I had gladly forgotten long ago in one of the comments…I haven’t chatted up with any Japanese nationalists lately denying the Nanking massacre, Unit 731, or comfort women, but I think now, as a rule, if I ever do again, I’m just gonna ask, “What’s up with ‘guro’ art?” Especially ero guro. “OMFG” was made to be used now. I’ll probably just get the usual response: “The West made us do it.” Or “America killed a lot Indians.”

Basically it’s erotic gore. I don’t know why such a genre exists, but it does. And it’s very disturbing. Ah what a coincidence, origins starting around 1920-1930 Japan, just before the war…My pop psych analysis says it’s a hyper extreme case of needing to dominate another person, but man, WTF?

You put people who like that kind of stuff in an imperial war machine that has them convinced that other ethnicities are less than human…it’s not hard to put 2 and 2…I highly, highly, highly, highly^35 recommend you do NOT google either term, unless you are extremely desensitized, or have some kind of purely academic curiosity (of which you will pay a price). What has been seen, cannot be unseen.

And sigh, of course, my usual disclaimer for the knee-jerk, “OMFG YOU’RE STEREOTYPING” folks. No, I do not think all Japanese (likely men) like this stuff. It’s probably a small subset, blah blah blah, although whether it’s an insignificant subset is debatable. There’s definitely a market for it over there, which itself is disturbing.

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