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District 9

Wow, I haven’t enjoyed a movie this much in a long time. But perhaps it was because I had somewhat low expectations. I thought it was going to be a lame, heavy-handed, symbolic exploration of Apartheid. Not that a movie about Apartheid would be bad, but my whole angle on that is if you’re going to make a movie about Apartheid, make a movie about Apartheid, without a smoke screen. Layering it would be for pussies that don’t want to think about Apartheid.  That’s my opinion anyway.

Thankfully, Neill Blomkamp only uses the Apartheid theme as a framework. But he definitely is not afraid to pull any punches, and shows the ugly, unethical side of humankind repeatedly, resulting in a pretty raw movie.

I also appreciated the way he decided to present his main characters. Is there a new wave of realistic, even unlikeable characters happening, a la The Wire? Characters that are really primarily interested in themselves, and their own agendas? There were times where I really wanted to slap the main character, Wikus, upside the head. “What are you doooooing??” While that risks alienating the audience, I kind of like the unlikeable hero “movement”, if there is one. It’s like the next stage of evolution for the anti-hero, which before was reserved for roles the likes of Vin Diesel took, but while those guys were assholes, they were still primarily interested in the “mission”, after some light coaxing. Then they just reverted back to your typical Arnold “Hasta La Vista Baby” gung-ho hero-ness.  These new guys primarily give a shit about themselves. They are the common asshole thrown into impossible situations.

Sorry if i’m babbling, in a hurry. Anyway, tennis time. Check out the movie.

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