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Defying Gravity

Nerd out! Defying Gravity is a new sci-fi series that started maybe 3 weeks ago. I think it airs Sunday on NBC or something.  It’s about a long-distance space exploration mission taking place in the 2040′s.

Visually, it’s pretty cool. It has that slick Minority Report look to it, and the CG is nice. Plot-wise, it kind of has a Solaris feel to it, which is a little disappointing to me. I liked Solaris; it was weird, a little sad, and somehow romantic all at the same time.  But that’s not really something I’d want in a sci-fi series.  It kinda takes away from the sci-fi, and makes it more fantastical.  So now it’s taking the mystery angle, which is getting a bit tiresome, but I’ll probably stick to it for awhile, since there’s not much other sci-fi stuff out.

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