It is the rabbit!

Someone Exploited My Scoreboard

| August 17, 2009

Someone managed to exploit a flaw in the way I calculate high scores for my game Gem Story. As of 8/18/09, Quest Name Score Level Date ma 2147483647 16 August 13 2009 Loren 1317023 28 August 16 2009 yan 1108697 9 August 04 2009 Matt 880118 20 August 06 2009 moogleii 313409 17 July 10 [...]

District 9

| August 15, 2009

Wow, I haven’t enjoyed a movie this much in a long time. But perhaps it was because I had somewhat low expectations. I thought it was going to be a lame, heavy-handed, symbolic exploration of Apartheid. Not that a movie about Apartheid would be bad, but my whole angle on that is if you’re going [...]

Defying Gravity

| August 13, 2009

Nerd out! Defying Gravity is a new sci-fi series that started maybe 3 weeks ago. I think it airs Sunday on NBC or something.  It’s about a long-distance space exploration mission taking place in the 2040′s. Visually, it’s pretty cool. It has that slick Minority Report look to it, and the CG is nice. Plot-wise, [...]