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First off, much, much better than Borat. However, while there were definitely some very entertaining parts to the movie, I didn’t really come away thinking it was my favorite comedy. That’s probably because instead of a core feel-good story, you have sheer ludicrousness instead. Plus, the trailer gave away more than I thought it had. I don’t think I’d see it again anytime soon, but for sure, it should be experienced.

And it really is more like an experience. Cohen is like a magician, but instead of magic, he has crazy social scenes. Each scene is like a trick, and you wonder, “How did he do that? Who was in on it, who wasn’t? What did he say to the people to get them to show up? How did he explain the presence of his cameraman?” I actually started thinking of the movie, The Prestige. What was it, the pledge, the turn, and the prestige?

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