They should have sent a poet

The Hangover

Meeeeeeh. Definitely a rental. If you’re bored. And have a few bucks to burn. I guess the creators thought they could just string together totally random events, and a great movie would plop out. Well, I guess it worked for some people, because the Rotten Tomatoes score is fairly good, but it’s overrated IMO. “O.M.G. a black guy got mixed up with our white friend! AWKWARD! Because, you know, there’s that slight implied discomfort because…he’s black, and our friend is white, and you know, it’s also implied that we don’t really hang around black people…FUNNAY! O.M.G. flamboyant asian gangster dude! Hahahahahah! Tiger and a chicken! Hohoho!” Uhhhh, no. I had some laughs, but overall it’s kind of a boring movie.

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