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Women, Simpsons

In light of recent news regarding the rape-your-wife law in Afghanistan and various others as seen here (flogged woman should be glad she didn’t get stoned, that’s not a pretty thing to see), I was going to write something about how irritated I was with conservatives, and how they’re all the same ’round the world, blah blah blah. But I’m trying to move away from that. Been there, done that (on past blogs anyway). Seems a bit pointless anyway. I think reading about all the bs in the world has had a long term toll on me. It scars the soul. Is this why monks and wise men recede from the world into their own bubble, in both fiction and reality?

Anyway, so I leave you with Simpsons clips. And some good ol’ bjork.

And why not some Monty Python. The following is from one of my favorite scenes of Holy Grail. Pretty ghetto looking these days, but I like the dialogue.

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