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Screenwriter Alex Tse Speaks About Watchmen

It’s been a long time since I’ve read Watchmen. And to be honest, I wasn’t that impressed. I can’t remember exactly why, so I suppose I should read it again. But Alex Tse’s interview kinda jogged some memories.

I think by the time I had read Watchmen, I had already been exposed to flawed heroes, so there was no mind-blowing revelation. For someone coming from Superman (or in today’s world, Pixar movies), sure, Watchmen might give a flooring response. But for anyone else that’s exposed themselves to a good amount of fiction with some or a lot of darkness, or even just in-depth world history, Watchmen really isn’t that special. The political intrigue is mildly intri…captivating (everything is politics, folks), the characters are kinda interesting, the writing’s not too bad…I do remember having very little emotional response when I finished the piece, setting it aside on the bookshelf, and then completely forgetting about it. “Ok, that’s that.” Well, we’ll see how the movie version goes. The trailer makes it seem like there have been significant changes made.

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