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Rapelay Virtual Rape Game Banned by Amazon

Oh, Japan. Thanks Ha.

In Rapelay, gamers direct a character to sexually assault a mother and her two young daughters at an underground station, before raping any of a selection female characters.

The game was intended for release just in Japan, but was on offer to British buyers through Amazon Marketplace, the section of the online store’s website open to third-party sellers.

Rapelay, which was released in 2006, encourages players to force the virtual woman they rape to have an abortion. If they are allowed to give birth the woman throws the player’s character under a train, according to reviews of the game. It also has a feature allowing several players to team up against individual women.

I don’t even really find this disturbing anymore. I’ve heard of so much worse available over there, that and World War 2, cough. It just amuses me when naive liberals stateside try to corroborate these things with their stereotyped image of all Japanese people being fuzzy wuzzy cutesies. Not that I’m suggesting all Japanese men like this stuff, but the fact that the market can openly support this genre of significant size says something. But what do I know, I’m just a guy who *thinks* women wouldn’t like this. I wonder what women think. I hear some women have rape fantasies, too.

Here’s Something Awful’s review of “Rapelay”:

I haven’t read it yet, but I suspect it will be amusing. If you haven’t heard of Something Awful, it’s basically bottom of the barrel humor, but written with wit. That guy reviews “hentai” games, and they all get negative scores. The more negative the score, the more disturbing the game.

At a Glance: In the past Hentai games have often catered to casual rape enthusiasts. These are perfectly normal folks like you, me and your next door neighbor who only leaves his apartment to buy canned meat and plastic tarps. I like to think of this audience as the “beer and pretzel” rape gamer. They’re interested in a fun “pick up and play” rape game and they don’t want to get bogged down in details. Then there are the rape grognards who want a rape simulator to be as realistic as possible. They want it to include accidental pregnancies, crying, abortion, threat of murder, fuel mixture, full elevator control, and pre-rape start-up checks. RapeLay is the grognard’s rape simulator. It is the Falcon 4.0 of rape.

See? Very dark humor. Falcon 4.0 is a reallllly difficult, ultra realistic flight simulator btw. I’ve tried it, and I couldn’t even get the jet off the runway.

I’ve seen Battle Raper videos online, too. It’s like Street Fighter, but you fight women, and as they take damage, their clothes come off. Then you heal them by giving them erotic massages. Then there’s Tenjou Tenge. HOLY SHIT that is some fucked up manga. I had to stop. Some of the scenes depicting women were reminiscent of the Rape of Nanking. And of course, the female characters all walk it off.

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  1. Al Fadi says:

    The author of this games was probably sick ;)

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