Atia of the Julii, I call for justice!

What We Deal With

| January 9, 2009

“Hurry, I must get back so I can keep fighting,” he told the doctors. He was told that there were more serious cases than his, that he needed to wait. But he insisted. “We are fighting the Israelis,” he said. “When we fire we run, but they hit back so fast. We run into the [...]

BART Passenger Gets Shot in the Back

| January 7, 2009

Oh look, more! Son of baseball player shot in own driveway. Oops, forgot about this. But I had previously made a case for mandatory police video monitoring, and now we have a BART passenger shot in the back by an officer. According to witnesses and the cell phone video, the greatly outnumbered victim was face [...]

Apple Introduces Keyboard-less Laptop

| January 6, 2009

I don’t usually follow Apple keynotes because I just don’t care enough, but in spirit of the recent Macworld one…the writing is just glorious:


| January 6, 2009

The subject matter is dark (for people who categorize things in such a manner), but: Losing a child is like losing the center of your life, experts say. Wow.