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The Party of Fear

The Republican Party has oft been accused as the party of fear (cough, 1984 style, cough). And why not? Fear as an emotional response has worked for eons. It has kept animals, cave men, and modern man alive from many fatal situations to fight another day.

Unfortunately when you let it dictate all of your actions, then it becomes a liability. Progress in almost every sphere of civilization requires a certain element of risk. In a perfectly safe society the stakes for risk are limited to reputation, your wallet, your emotions, etc. You ask out that chick, she turns you down. You try to steal home base, you fail. What happens when we raise the stakes? Let colored people vote, let women vote, let a Catholic person become President? All too scary, the country could go to hell! Let’s not. We shouldn’t have invaded Incheon, the risks were too high. We shouldn’t have gone to space; it’s a harsh, dangerous place. We shouldn’t have broken the sound barrier. We shouldn’t have messed with fucking fire.

Alright, I’m rambling. But it seems like it’s already an age old, almost cliche axiom – control fear, not the other way around. Fear doesn’t keep you alive, action does. Fear is merely one input of many to help your brain weigh its options. Yet fear is still the bread and butter of the Republican party. Can’t really blame them, because they know it works.

This all happened because of The Daily Show. Jon Stewart gives a humorous rebuttal to the fear mongering.

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