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Here’s to You, S2000

It’s official (supposedly). 2009 will be the last year of its 10 year run. I freakin’ love this car, but it’s time. For people that wanted to test their skills a little beyond mashing the gas like an on/off switch, the S was awesome.

Here’s some choice parting quotes from people:

The S2000 was my very first sports car, I have excellent memories of it. I eventually crashed it due to loss of control (hydroplaning)… traction control would have been nice.

It is a very ‘green’ sports car and maybe the most ‘fun’ car I’ve ever had. It is a blast around town, and you don’t have to break all the speeding laws to wind it out and have fun.

I now drive a Ferrari 360, M5, and 135i, and have had all types of sports cars, but will always remember the S2000 as one of the best engineered cars I’ve driven.

BTW, it’s shifter is FAR better than any car I have ever been in! BMW, you could learn a lot from the shifter in the S2000.

I wish I could be like him, haha. One can dream. But I do intend to try to hold onto the S as long as possible. I’ve already raved about it in the past, so I’ll try to spare that here. But his comment is pretty consistent with reviews and owner/ex-owner comments that I’ve seen or heard in the past. I still remember working on the car at Brian’s garage, when a middle aged man pulled up in his loaded family SUV, and lamented selling his S.

Another S2000 owner here. As others have mentioned it’s so much more than the spec sheet would suggest. It’s all about the driving experience and satisfaction from extracting everything out of the car. I am happy to see that its been finally put to rest though. Honda’s been neglecting it for years, focusing on its bread and butter economy cars. It should be no surprised to anyone that sales are down on this 9 year old roadster. At least now mine will feel even more special :-)

I do have to give props to Honda for even making such a purist car to begin with. Other than Lotus (and am not even sure), I can’t think of any other manufacturers that offers a rear wheel drive, sub 3K pound car that’s offered ONLY with a manual transmission. That right there should tell you what sets this car apart, although unfortunately that also probably contributed to poor sales.

There’s a special place in my heart for women that can drive a stick.

And for the nerdier:

because honda doesn’t do that. They do have common platforms which are shared civic/tsx/crv/rdx/tsx etc…accord,tl…mdx/pilot/ridgeline…as you can see, there aren’t really any RWD models in their lineup unless they’re AWD. it’d be VERY stupid to create just to have two RWD models, and then share it w/ the s2000. That was the beauty of the s2000, and why for many years it was able to whoop any competition in its segment. It was a purpose designed, purpose made sports car…not a parts bin frankenstein like you find in many other segments. The 350z for example, great performing car…but there were a lot of tradeoffs that it had. Boat like steering feel, excessive weight when compared to other cars…all due to parts sharing. The lack of a good transmission from the sky/solstice would be another good example (from last i remember, didn’t the first year 5 speed manual use the same transmission that was used in pickup trucks?).

In short, a special platform like the one the s2k got…high cost, but great performance.

Well it was fun. I wish Honda was making a replacement, but they aren’t. I can’t even think of a car from another marque that’s less than 1.5 tons.  Ok, well yes I can, but they’re extremely expensive.

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