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Hmm, I’m not gonna write much on this one. It was OK. I wouldn’t watch it again. Well, I wouldn’t watch most movies again, but I would make a conscious effort not to see this one again.

It starts off very well, and you can see Ron Howard’s mark all over the place. He has this ability to make his characters seem very personable, and the story very engaging.  He fleshes out each character just enough to make each unique and believable (but not overkill like Michael Crichton).  I was kind of reminded of the build up towards the launch in Apollo 13. Things are calm, yet there’s a sense of excitement. However, unlike Apollo 13, in which the movie continues to be exciting post launch, for some reason I felt like after Frost/Nixon’s “launch”, namely when they head towards interview #3, that the entire movie lost its momentum.  I really haven’t put my finger on why…for some reason it just seemed anti-climactic, and a bit of a cop out.

Totally random, but just stumbled upon the Bollywood dance at the end of Slumdog. If you’ve never seen a Bollywood movie, they tend to be full of dancing and singing like this (Slumdog doesn’t have any cept for the credits).

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