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What We Deal With

“Hurry, I must get back so I can keep fighting,” he told the doctors.

He was told that there were more serious cases than his, that he needed to wait. But he insisted. “We are fighting the Israelis,” he said. “When we fire we run, but they hit back so fast. We run into the houses to get away.” He continued smiling.

“Why are you so happy?” this reporter asked. “Look around you.”

“Don’t you see that these people are hurting?” the militant was asked.

“But I am from the people, too,” he said, his smile incandescent. “They lost their loved ones as martyrs. They should be happy. I want to be a martyr, too.”

These kinds of extremists can’t be negotiated with in a timely fashion.

Of course, in about 80 years, some liberals of the future will probably sweep aside these accounts, inject extra humanity in these extremists and somehow equate them with the average American of today, and maybe release a couple sympathizing movies with a Hamas militant wiping away a tear. I don’t sound very liberal, do I? I’ve just become really tired of hippie liberals over the years, about as tired as I am with the far right.

In general:

Far-right = Country of origin kicks ass. We have never done wrong. Everyone else sucks.  Force solves everything, just like in the schoolyard. Why haven’t we started bombing?

Far-left = Country of origin sucks ass. We fuck up every time, all the time. Everyone else is as good, or superior.  Military action is never, ever, ever needed. We should curl up into the fetal position and die with our families.

Sorry. Just soooo annoyed.

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