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New Complete Footage of BART Shooting

Thanks to Eric for the heads up. For the squeamish, the video isn’t gory, and the gun is surprisingly quiet. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to watch it, but I felt I had a responsibility to.  When reports first hit, I wondered if the cop had mistaken his gun for his taser, since it just seemed too random, especially with a large crowd present. When cops want to abuse their power, I would imagine they would do it more in secret. Then again Rodney King was out in the open, too. Who knows?

But seeing this vid, it does seem more plausible that he thought he had his taser. Still, that doesn’t make it that much better. If it was a mistake, I wonder why he hasn’t come out and apologized? Either way, his career and personal standing are going to take a hit.  Or is he waiting for the blue wall to save his name?

They’re (we’re?) lucky this isn’t Greece.

Oh yeah, and support Carlos Miller. Looks like typical police tactics. False arrest, but if you resist false arrest, you get charged with resisting arrest, making it not false arrest. Yay!

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