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BART Passenger Gets Shot in the Back

Oh look, more! Son of baseball player shot in own driveway.

Oops, forgot about this. But I had previously made a case for mandatory police video monitoring, and now we have a BART passenger shot in the back by an officer. According to witnesses and the cell phone video, the greatly outnumbered victim was face down on the ground asking not to be tazed. Then, for some reason, an officer whipped out a pistol and blew him away.

Click on the video tab if you want to see the footage. I don’t think it actually shows the part where he gets blown away, but it’s hard to tell.

I wonder what would have happened if video hadn’t been taken? I bet they’d say some BS about how he attacked officers, blah blah blah, reached for an AK-47 and a couple of grenades, and we’d just nod our heads grudgingly, count our blessings that it didn’t happen to us, and forget about it days later.

This is one reason why I’m not really that opposed to British-style public CCTV. In a public place, you don’t really have any expectation of privacy. It’s not like there would be cameras set up by your house or anything. And if the man really wanted to track you, they could do it without CCTV’s anyway as it is.  Obscurity is not security.

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