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I Love My Car

This is totally random. Maybe it’s the booze talking. I’m sleepy but I don’t want to sleep yet. So I’ll write.

I love my car.  I’ve had it for over a year now, but I still have so much fun when I drive that thing. Someone once asked me if I could recommend a car, what would it be, etc, and I realized then that my car had totally changed my perspective on cars in general. See, I used to be a luxury-performance sedan guy.  And that’s because I didn’t know any better. “Hey, I’m gonna get that nice people-moving Audi/BMW/Infiniti with the monster engine, and it’s gonna be cool. The sound system is going to be awesome, it’s going to be quiet, the seats are going to be soft, it’ll go fast, and I’ll secretly revel in the badge prestige.”

Yeah…..That’s all gone now. Basically, when I was shopping for my first car, I looked at a few of those. Even a 6 speed manual Accord coupe. They have leather, and they are sporty, they’ll be fun right? And then I randomly decided to test drive an S2000. Why? I’m not sure. The S can’t be that different from the Accord, right? They both have manual transmissions. Then I drove one. Woa. It was not like any other car I had driven.

Personally, I loathed the idea of a convertible. “It’ll get dirty inside. My hair will get blown all about. It’ll be loud. The convertible is obnoxious. It’ll be impractical.” But once you get over the fact that no one gives a shit about your top being down, it’s kind of exhilarating. And practicality? Screw practicality. I’m young now, with no kids. Unless I become ridiculously wealthy, it’ll only become more difficult to own a two seater as time goes on. And if people need to be chauffered, well, we’ll use their car =p.

Anyway, I could see why the S2000 has a legion of fans, past and present. The handling is sharp, the transmission is slick, the car…it just communicates to you. The model is coming up to its 10th anniversary, yet it’s still for sale, and it’s still loved by many. In fact, I hear many ex-owners often do buy another one after testing the waters with a different car. And it’s not even particularly fast compared to other cars these days, but there’s just something about it that makes it so fun.

But there are a lot of haters, too. It’s very loud, the suspension is very stiff, and the sound system is mediocre. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. And now I’m a total car snob. I’ll admit it. I don’t think I could ever go back to a front wheel drive vehicle (“wrong wheel drive” as I like to call it these days).  Or a heavy boat luxury car. My old favorites, the Audis, the BMWs, the Infinitis, they’re all friggin fat as fuck. And they are soooo quiet. I want to hear the engine roar. I drove an Audi S5 on the track once, and I thought, is this thing even on? Am I hitting redline? Oh shit, yes I am.

So when my friend asked me that question…I had trouble answering at first. I knew he just wouldn’t understand if I spoke honestly. Recommending a sports car to the uninitiated just…doesn’t work. I mean, it didn’t work on me. You just get strange, incredulous looks. I knew what he wanted to hear. Something lux-performance. “Sporty” but not a sports car.  Something fast, but practical. Something that will pamper you as you mash the gas. So I reverted to my old self. I recommended an Audi/BMW/Infiniti. Trusty and safe. Universally liked. Something the Mrs. would want to drive. I’m not trying to enrage the female enthusiasts out there; I have met a few female S owners, and it’s very awesome.

I’ve often thought about what I would do when it comes time to replace my car. It’s a sad day to think about. I’ve decided unless I’ve become too old, or a future Mrs. lays down the law, I’ll be sticking with two seaters. A 911 GT3 would be awesome. Sigh. One can dream.

Well, I might as well continue nerding out. The 370Z, the 2010 BMW Z4, and most Porsches look very promising. But I want to keep my car as long as possible. Sometimes I almost want to name my car like a pet, but then I snap out of it and realize how stupid and lame that would be.

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