Damn! Damn, damn!

Korean Food

I need to learn how to cook it. I’ve been craving it lately, but I’m trying to save some cash. The hobo life is starting to drive me nuts. Lightly oiled beef wrapped in lettuce with spicy sauce…mmmmm…..or gamjatang. Or those sweet golden potatoes. Droool. I actually started pacing thinking about it. There’s a bunch of other dishes I want to try, but I don’t remember what they’re called.

Anyway, I found this site with a bunch of Korean recipes. The soups look good for the current cold weather….mmmmm.

I think I shall attempt the Miyeok Guk. It doesn’t look as appetizing as something spicy, but it looks super easy to make. Or Bibim Guksu. That’s a cold noodle dish (I think), but it looks yummy.

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