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Interesting Tales From World War II

It’s Veterans Day.

Brothers vs Brothers.

“When we first met, the topic of the war came up. Both sides were saying their side was right,” Ken said. “Saburo and Shiro got really hot and stood up, they wanted to fight us.”

“The propaganda situation in Japan was very extreme,” Shiro said. “The elders told you what you should do is revere the emperor like a god, and if you didn’t abide by it, you were physically harmed.”

It took the intercession of their father to stop the familial battle. “Shut up,” the elder Akune said. “The war is over.”

Keep Your Story Secret.

Despite everything Acevedo endured during the war, little had prepared him for his own father’s attitude toward his capture. “My dad told me I was a coward,” he says.

“I turned around and got my duffel bag, my luggage, and said, ‘This is it, Father. I’m not coming back.’ So I took the train the following day, and I didn’t see my parents for years, because I didn’t want to see them. I felt belittled.”

For decades, Acevedo followed the rules and kept his mouth shut. His four children didn’t know the extent of his war experience. He says he felt stymied because of the document he signed. “You never gave it a thought because of that paper.”

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