The goggles do nothing!

I Love My Car

| November 27, 2008

This is totally random. Maybe it’s the booze talking. I’m sleepy but I don’t want to sleep yet. So I’ll write. I love my car.  I’ve had it for over a year now, but I still have so much fun when I drive that thing. Someone once asked me if I could recommend a car, [...]

Korean Food

| November 26, 2008

I need to learn how to cook it. I’ve been craving it lately, but I’m trying to save some cash. The hobo life is starting to drive me nuts. Lightly oiled beef wrapped in lettuce with spicy sauce…mmmmm…..or gamjatang. Or those sweet golden potatoes. Droool. I actually started pacing thinking about it. There’s a bunch [...]

Need a Truck? Buy 1, Get 1 Free!

| November 24, 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 for about $10k. Regular price: $25k. You save: $14k.

Ultra Punk’d – The Man Got Shooted!

| November 22, 2008

Lol. This is sooooo fucked up. I like to give people a good scare, but this one is a bit overboard. I’m not sure what the back story is, but I assume she’s some actress visiting the States. I guess her escort decided to leverage the stereotype that America is a dangerous place (which it [...]

Check Your Tires!

| November 21, 2008

Here’s an interesting vid on tires. It shows how new but aged tires can still be very dangerous. Despite that, unused aged tires are sold without warning. I think they were able to find a 12 year old tire for sale as new. The vid also goes into how to determine a tire’s age. I [...]

Jen Yu – Superwoman

| November 20, 2008

I don’t know who this is – my cousin linked me. She takes amazing photographs, writes well, has an engineering background, and is a super chef. A goddess walks amongst us, people. I suddenly feel very incompetent. Seriously. Photos: Food recipes: Blog:

Quantum of Solace

| November 16, 2008

2.5/5 Yeah…a little voice told me that I probably shouldn’t waste my money on this movie, but I did anyway. I guess I was hoping for a pleasant surprise. My expectations weren’t very high, so it wasn’t exactly terrible, but it wasn’t very engaging either. It felt like an overly long introduction to another movie. [...]

Interesting Tales From World War II

| November 11, 2008

It’s Veterans Day. Brothers vs Brothers. “When we first met, the topic of the war came up. Both sides were saying their side was right,” Ken said. “Saburo and Shiro got really hot and stood up, they wanted to fight us.” “The propaganda situation in Japan was very extreme,” Shiro said. “The elders told you [...]

Creepiest Blind Date Ever

| November 10, 2008

This is awesome. Thanks David. Creepiest Blind Date Ever — powered by

Ronald Jenkees

| November 9, 2008

Every time this guy talks, I laugh. It’s bad I know. But it doesn’t help when he wears his straw hat and plaid shirt (not shown here). And then he rips out these crazy songs. Hmm creating his background beats.