Atia of the Julii, I call for justice!


OOOk, I guess I’m a little *too* comfortable discussing my emotions. I don’t know, back in high school, they were things meant to be concealed, or to beat around the bush with. And it seemed so…well, “high school.” Inefficient. Childish, even. And as the years went by, it seemed like so many problems in the world stemmed from lack of communication, be it interpersonal, or international. So now I have no problem being honest with my emotions. It doesn’t faze me at all to pour them out, to particular people of course. In fact, I thought it was even normal to be that way, enlightened even.

I am wrong. While I don’t feel awkward at all about pouring my heart out, I guess it still does create a lot of awkwardness for others, particularly, I suppose, with people who aren’t equally comfortable discussing their emotions. And that’s fine. That’s something I can respect. Lesson learned. I must be more aware. And guarded.

But what is the nature of the uncomfortableness in people? With some people, it seems like a lack of self awareness. With others, a lack of trust. Others…are there more options? Those seem like the basic foundational reasons. Just general avoidance of the weird? I guess I’m ridiculously weird. To each his own. Something to ponder.

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