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Huh. I never thought I’d like opera. I was introduced to some not too long ago, and then obtained a wide assortment of arias shortly after to peruse. My initial impression was, “Meh, it’s ok, but I think I prefer classical music.” But they keep popping up on my playlist, and as I listen to them more and more, I find myself liking them more and more. I find programming to them pleasant, too.

Currently, I have “Addio del passato” stuck in my head. Check it out if you can. The one I have is by Filippa Giordano. Which is kind of meaningless to me. But I guess it could mean a lot to opera snobs. These people are like baseball snobs, but for singing. The “experts” seem to know all the stats of their favorite note belchers, what type they’re classified as, what their range is, etc.

Don’t bother looking for it on YouTube, though – the quality there is generally quite terrible across the board. It’s like people recorded through cups and strings. I haven’t been able to find a comparable one, in any case. Different renditions vary widely, and, until I develop my listening skills further, I prefer ones with strong orchestral elements. The LA Opera has a ton of stuff lined up, but unfortunately I’m unemployed right now.

From the following video:

you really dont think this impression is impressive? she sings with no push, she makes it sound effortless at the beginning which many dont. Listen to others who sing it well but drive it to much in some parts and can not diminuendo.Fleming’s tone is pure and clean and controlled. Listen to her depuis le jour and i guarantee you will not hear a more lifted pure not pushed voice.

I feel like a caveman. Oh, and I wouldn’t bother actually watching the video so much as just throwing it in the background and listening to it.

Next, look at how enraged opera aficionados can get. I guess he’s really passionate about it. It happens to be Addio del passato, but I don’t really like it. I don’t dislike it as much as Mr. Angry; I just like Filippa Giordano’s version better.

Why in god’s good name would anyone even consider this acceptable. To the complete moron who asked if anyone could find a more perfect rendition – Try MUZIO AND CALLAS YOU BRAINLESS ASS.

I can assure you, I’ve got just as much “bravado” outside of “cyberspace”. If I were you I wouldn’t waste anytime learning about real singing, by listening to great voices. One more tip – don’t repeat the same embarrassing comment about Hei-Kyung “Dung” around serious, educated opera listeners or musicians – they might actually laugh at you.

Good luck!

Growing up, I always considered that level of “nerdery” to be pointless. Be it baseball, or cars. “What’s the point of knowing all that shit?” “My local team is better than your local team, so that I can vicariously feel better about myself over you. I am part of the other alpha male’s tribe, who doesn’t even know I exist, but I funnel dollars towards him.” I was a young lad then, who could probably still have been classified as asexual at the time. I actually remember my friend going off on the virtues of the female butt, and how he loved to stare at them. Me? I didn’t see the appeal. Times change though. Whereas before I couldn’t tell one brand from another, I’m fairly familiar with cars, now. It wasn’t really by conscious choice, either. It just…kinda happened. And women? It’s annoying how much of an affect they can have on you.

So yeah, it does get annoying when someone persistently insists on their worldview, when they’re knee deep in relative ignorance, but whatever, unless I want to get into a battle of worldviews, it’s probably best to just let go. I’m not going to try learning all the rules of baseball, because I just don’t give a shit, but nor am I going to impose and ask why they don’t add Muy Thai knee kicks to the face.

Anyway, I’m going way off topic. Guess I’ll update the title.

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