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Empathizing with the Poor

This is interesting. As part of “Hunger Action Month”, there was a $25 food challenge where one could only spend that amount on food per week. Although I’m sure many won’t bother subjecting themselves to such an experiment, I think it’d be a great way to see what it’s like to be poor, without actually causing bodily harm to yourself (wow, now that’s hubris huh?). Call me a cynic, but I feel like most people lack empathy, and it could do them some good to try it out. Thanks Eric.

Eric wants to try it, but with “a lot of fried rice.” Day in, day out.

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2 Responses to “Empathizing with the Poor”

  1. niyao says:

    Hey I do this. I generally allocate $20-$25 a week for food. Does that mean I’m poor?


  2. Ron says:

    Yes. =p

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