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It’s a good time to buy right now! Lots of deals to be had. Wow I sound a mite like a sleazy salesman, huh?

But seriously. Bargains right now. It’s possible they could go even lower, but the prices are pretty good right now. As a disclaimer, I am a complete amateur who prefers to hold things long term. If you follow my “advice” and find yourself in financial ruin, it wasn’t my fault. I recently bought Wamu, and that didn’t turn out so well. But that was my most reckless purchase, ever. It was trading at $2.5 and I figured the worst that could happen is that it went bankrupt. Which is what it did. Oh well, I only put $30 in that.

Anyway, stocks I’ve been eying:

Intel (INTC). Currently trading at $16.38. These guys aren’t going anywhere, and that’s a very good price. A 5 year low actually.

Google (GOOG). If you believe in the Google craze, $360 is pretty good for one share of Google. I’m still sketchy on its long term price though, but it’s proven me wrong.

AMD (AMD). Intel’s main competitor. This isn’t a strong pick at all. It’s better than Wamu, but still. It’s going for very cheaply, $4.04 at the moment. If you got a reserve for “wild gambling”, this would be the place. I don’t think it’ll go bankrupt anytime soon, so I feel like it should go back up, but…who knows.

NVIDIA (NVDA). Graphics leader for quite some time. Going pretty cheaply, too. $7.41. I would normally say “BUY BUY BUY” with this one, but it’s facing a lot of uncertainties (this may or may not be obsolete, since I haven’t looked into it in awhile). 1) AMD. If AMD manages to get its shit together, NVDA will have some strong competition, especially in light of 2) Intel is joining the graphics fray, and recently cockblocked Nvidia from using certain motherboard technologies with their processors. This two-pronged attack could go badly for Nvidia. Although, I think it all hinges on AMD. If AMD keeps dying, Intel will have no motivation to help Nvidia. If AMD rises again, Intel may want to get buddy buddy with Nvidia.

ArcelorMittal (MT). Steel. BIG steel. I’m not too familiar with this industry, which usually should throw a red flag, but it’s going pretty cheaply, too. Demand around the world has fallen, but eventually should go up again. Who knows when. 5, 10 years? $36.70.

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  1. David says:

    Who are you? Jim Cramer? “BUYYYY! SELLLL!” ::aneurysm::

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