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I should be coding. I really should. But I’m sitting here, listening to music, TOKiMONSTA music. It’s 3:01 AM. Shit.

You can find some of the songs at They’re quite interesting. Kinda reminded me of Nujabes at first, but TOKiMONSTA definitely has its own style. I only wish there were more, or the songs were longer. They make me want to paw the artist’s brain, see how it works and ticks.

Oh yeah, and I just found out that TOKiMONSTA is a chick. That’s pretty awesome. Something hawt about capable women.  Yeah it’s obvious if you clicked on the link, but I swear that wasn’t there before when I saw the page a few months ago.

Look at the attention to detail of her profile pic. Great setup. A true “artiste”, if you will. I think it’s all because of the nice cup of ocha, though. That sets up the piece. Just imagine if she were holding a Pepsi. I want that cup.

Okkk. I’m rambling. She’ll be “producing” this Friday in LA.

I want to go but unfortunately I’ll be going to Fall for Dance at OCPAC. Well, fortunately. I want to go to that, too. I wish we had teleportation technology.

I’m not sure I really understand music industry titles, but she’s listed as a “producer.” What does that mean? I don’t know. I always figured producers just bankrolled shit, like in the movie industry, but TOKiMONSTA is definitely creating stuff – just look at the hardware she’s packing. That’s enough to take down a small country or two.

It’s 3:40 now. Need moar.

She’s got a site here, too:

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  1. David says:

    Did you say “hawt” and “moar”? Who are you? A 14 year old azn?

  2. Ron says:

    How did you know? Don’t touch me papa bear. That would be rape.

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