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She’s Gone – By 17586063

Sometimes I wish I were still actively playing an instrument.

There’s raging debate on all “her” videos regarding whether she’s a guy or not, but you can kinda make out an hourglass shape that guys go gaga for. Not enough to really say, though. Such is the fate of women on the internet, eh? Who knows. Either way, cool vid.

Here’s the original song (studio):

Live – louder, but there’s a bit more distortion:

This comment amused me:

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It’s so beautiful to hear a man say he was wrong, and sing it SO WELL! lol I bet she came back when she heard this!


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8 Responses to “She’s Gone – By 17586063”

  1. Russ says:

    If you watch the vid she does for No More Tear all the way to the end you can see that it’s a pretty good bet that she’s a girl. You can’t see her face because she has a picture of Ozzy’s face over it but you can see all the rest of her. I love watching her. I just wish she’d put the camera so I can see her fret hand. She does a perfect reproduction of the signature Zak Wylde feedback/harmonic that I’d really like to see how to do but can’t because it’s always off screen.

  2. Ron says:

    I sincerely hope so, otherwise I’m going to feel pretty f’d up for enjoying this picture of her:

  3. Charlie says:

    Ive seen many of her videos, she can play very well, but ya some wierd stuff going on in some of her videos

  4. Joe says:

    She is definitely a girl, I have 2 videos of her in full view playing. She’s cute. And she rocks!

  5. Ron says:

    Do share!

  6. Olyster says:

    Joe … stop teasing us … share those two vids please !!

  7. sniffy says:

    Joe, your full of shit… I saw the exact same post word for word by another user diff name on xbox forum… No one has a shot of IT..

  8. dalek40 says:

    i only found her a week ago on youtube. i am infatuated by her. i have to believe that she is a ‘she’ and i can’t stop watching her videos. i’ve seen them all over and over. i’ve searched the web for more information and not found anything other than discussions about whether she is a male or female. i want to marry her and then i’d only find out for certain on our wedding night.

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