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Joe Rogan’s Amusing Post(s)

NSFW. It’s really old, but I’ve never seen it.

Here’s another one with a couple of entertaining vids. Watch the latter vid first to understand the former one. The first guy totally pwns the second guy. It actually kinda makes me want to attend a freestyle rap-off.

I feel a rant coming on…

I’ve heard some people make the assumption that Joe Rogan is a dumbass because of Fear Factor, or even worse, because they don’t have the slightest understanding of mixed martial arts and debase him by association; but on the contrary, he’s actually a pretty smart guy.  He writes pretty well, does stand-up comedy, and understands the tactics and intricacies of combat.

I don’t know why, but I associate these kinds of assumptions with naive liberal thinking (actually I do know why, but I won’t say). I think one of the highest points a man can reach for himself is attaining warrior-philosopher status. These types of men have appeared frequently across the ages. They were particularly valued in ancient China if memory serves me right. Sun Tzu comes to mind.

Today, there are plenty in the US military, but they tend to stay away from public view. Society values the money-man more these days. But I’ve read some pretty interesting political/foreign policy papers from that broad group of military, and they were usually not in line with aggressive policies as much as one would think.

It just really annoys me when I hear some hippie comment from someone who clearly has no idea or understanding about what they are talking about.  I’ve always been a stalwart defender of liberalism, but as I age, and meet more and more liberals, I’ve come to realize that there are plenty of…robotic liberals that are mirror images of their peers on the other side of the aisle. I think many will agree on the value of critical thinking over sweeping ideology, even if such ideology falls in line with their own.

Oh man, there was this one guy at my old job who was ultra-hippie, and he was really obnoxious about it. I guess he could tell that I was liberal, too (my last boss told me I seemed like an Obama guy – I’m not sure how I rub off that way, but he was close; I wanted a President Hillary) so he’d try to just randomly start conversations at work about political stuff.  There was one specific time where he just started talking to me about the passage of a Californian law that would require teens to notify their parents if they got an abortion (notify, not ask permission for), but I guess he didn’t know that I am kind of a Devil’s Advocate.

So he opens up with how he can’t believe such a law is even on the table, and how all these girls are going to start scooping out their uteri with coat hangars or are going to get their asses beat by their redneck parents, or get kicked out, etc. So I ask for numbers, data. Does it even exist? How many children has that happened to, historically? And how many children were actually helped by their parents instead in such a scenario? We’re talking about kids at an age that have minimal legal rights to begin with. They can’t even fucking buy alcohol.  He has nothing.  He couldn’t really explain why he was so against it, other than that it was against liberal thought and that there were an unknown amount of uteri at stake (the Bleeding Heart Defense). Sorry, I do feel kinda bad for writing this. I should delete it, but I’ve committed myself.

Ultimately, I am against that kind of law anyway, because the compassionate type of parents or those that would attempt to work with their kids (which I believe is the true majority in any case, I mean, even Palin’s doing it) would understand being kept in the dark anyway, whereas those that are not so understanding could be a real problem…but it was just his inability to defend his sweeping ideas, and his rush to quickly hide behind the skirts of liberalism which just pissed me off. Political conversations should not consist of a table of shaped holes with pegs to match.

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