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Male Gene for Doing Stupid, But Awesome?

Is there one? One wrong move and this guy’s neck is toast, yet it’s so awesome.

I don’t really see many womenfolk leading the fray into such awesome stupidity, racing towards the apex of Darwinism. Some of the most stalwart supporters of female equality amongst my friends will claim that there is no difference; it’s merely society’s fault for structuring women so.  I would agree it’s a factor, but one would think that a self-conscious woman would be aware of it, and throw off the “shackles.” Perhaps such a rational, critically thinking woman would prefer the prospects of a long life over flying headfirst into a mountain?  Perhaps she would ask, “Why?” as some of my friends have. It all seems so pointless. While on the face of things, a lot of these male-led antics do seem pointless, but I think overall, the effect on society in the long run reflects a general action against complacency, the status quo.

That’s usually a good thing.

So perhaps such a woman would lend her abilities towards something more useful. I could buy that. As society becomes more modern and reliant on technology, I guess it’s not so important to push the boundaries of athleticism. Although I’ve got to admit, I’m having trouble thinking of historical examples of women that have broken new ground like this (for everybody, not just for other women). That is not a veiled claim that such do not exist. Someone please enlighten me with some examples.

Here we have a dude doing one of those new BASE jumps where you wear a suit with wings, and fly down the mountain. His chute later fails to open. You can watch him bounce down the mountainside at the end. Don’t worry lady folks, it isn’t gory. He ends up with a broken leg.

Anyway, flame away. I’ve just had a morning glass of pinot noir before breakfast, so perhaps I’m not thinking straight. But while you’re thinking about flaming, here’s Optimus Rollerbladus’ first and third video.

Ahaha, ooomg he looks sooo dorky. Alright….when he starts talking to the stuffed animals at the end of the third vid…definitely extra coo coo for cocoa puffs. Man, I totally want to drive on these passes.

Thanks for the vid Tommy.

Oh yeah, and before anyone starts to nitpick, I generalize when I say “gene.” It could be genes, hormones, society…who knows.

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