Leeloo Dallas Multipass!

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The only mother on China’s team, Xian Dongmei, told reporters after she won her gold medal in judo that she had not seen her 18-month-old daughter in one year, monitoring the girl’s growth only by webcam. Another gold medalist, weightlifter Cao Lei, was kept in such seclusion training for the Olympics that she wasn’t told her mother was dying. She found out only after she had missed the funeral.

Not only was the Sydney Symphony just going through the motions of a live performance while speakers pumped out recorded versions of its musical selections, some of the recordings were recorded by another group altogether, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. After an unconfirmed report ran over the weekend in The Age, an official spoke to the Herald today:

“It [the performance] was all pre-recorded, and the M.S.O. did record a minority of the music that was performed,” the Sydney Symphony’s managing director, Libby Christie, said yesterday. “It’s correct that we were basically miming to a pre-recording.”

This shouldn’t really come as a surprise. People just need to pick at things I guess.

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