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Don’t Expect to Depend on Strangers

NYC stab victim’s cries ignored for half hour. August 25, 2008.

Hey! This sounds familliar! 1964, NYC, Kitty Genovese killed in public after calling for help over a 30 minute period. I guess society hasn’t learned shit.

Then there was that dude in LA who got hit by a car, and no one helped him.

Shit like this makes me doubt some of the left’s blanket solutions. Well, more precisely, some of the things I’ve heard from the ultra-left, who essentially believe public services can be depended on for nigh everything. Need the cops? Don’t worry, they’ll be there soon!…Assuming someone calls…and that you’re not dead within the 10-15 minute response time that it takes (my workplace is 1.4 miles from the city’s police station, and 0.9 miles from the nearest hospital, but it still took about 10+ minutes after calling for any emergency service to arrive when someone got stabbed in the head there). But it’s for the greater good. It can’t be verified, but trust in the benevolent left that it is. I’m not saying everyone should be like in Texas and Florida, and just blowing away people for sneezing on you; that’s the other extreme. It just really annoys me when I see stuff like this, and then hear some super hippie ideas like police not being allowed to bear arms, but then…demanding that the citizenry rely solely on said cops….riiiiight. Just ranting.

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