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Liberal, But Not Against the Death Penalty

I wrote this draft about a week ago, then I got lazy, with a mix of a sense of futility. I’m not as enraged as I was then. But I still think he should die. Actually, I just looked at the pics of the poor kids. WTF is wrong with him. He’d make good target practice.

An update:


Friday’s verdict was not surprising after Duncan’s closing arguments, in which he told the jurors they didn’t yet “have a clue” about the depth of his “heinousness.”

Duncan also told the panel that government lawyers helped him victimize the jurors by making them watch and listen to the grotesque evidence that was presented during the two-week hearing.

“I should actually thank the government for helping me get my eye for an eye by showing you the evidence that you’ve seen, the videos,” Duncan said during his closing argument Friday.

Prosecutors showed jurors videos Duncan made in which he molested, tortured and hanged Dylan Groene until the boy was unconscious and nearly dead.

The original post follows:


I’ve often thought about why I’m not strongly against the death penalty, especially since I lean left. The simple answer is because sometimes, I think some people deserve it.

Like this guy.

Nuke him.

Moss told jurors they’d have to watch video footage of the sexual torture of 9-year-old Dylan Groene, filmed shortly before Duncan killed him.

Duncan forced 8-year-old Shasta Groene, the sole survivor, to watch the video. He also made her watch as he killed her brother, jurors were told.

It’s going to suck to be on that jury. Look, he even has that maniacal grin.

The complicated answer is, I don’t toe the line. I believe in what I believe in, based on what I think, and not because I fit in a demographic and should therefore conform. And personally, I suspect many liberals (and many in general) who are against the death penalty wouldn’t even bother trying to comprehend that family’s pain. It’s a dismissive, “it’s for the greater good.” Very “ivory tower”-ish.

On the other hand, I’m not calling for rampant death squads, like in Boondock Saints. Good god, most irritating movie ever.  The forces of Irish Christians deal down Their Justice, killing those They deem deserving. Sounds almost like that Washington D.C. sniper guy. I should make a movie based on that. The DC Saint.  BOOM HEADSHOT. *Crosses chest* I NEED SOME ROPE. I jest, but yeah, I found that movie pretty disturbing.

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