I'm being repressed!

Baby Honor

| July 17, 2008 You know your baby’s name is…interesting…if it shares the name of a Diablo II rune word. Honor: +60% Enhanced Damage -25% Target Defense Adds 5-30 Fire Damage Adds 21-110 Lightning Damage +75 Poison Damage Over 5 Seconds +10 To Maximum Damage Lightning Resistance +60% +5 To Maximum Lightning Resistance +3 To Holy Shock (Paladin [...]

20% Pride & 80% Prejudice

| July 14, 2008

2/5 Yeah, so, I just finished watching Keira Knightley’s Pride & Prejudice.  I am a bit reserved in calling it that, because she was merely in it, and not responsible for it; at least I doubt it.  Actually, I’m going to call it, “Focus Feature’s” in order to not tarnish Keira Knightley. But the more [...]

To-Do List

| July 11, 2008

These lists seem to be in vogue at the moment. But I tend to forget things unless I write them down, and I so often choose not to write things down anyway! Visit more countries, preferably friendly and stable Get a SCUBA license and then actually use it. Scuba diving by Catalina sounds fun. Or [...]


| July 11, 2008

I think I should start organizing bar gatherings. My friend recently admitted to making out with her friend (male) while a bit drunk.  I was actually kind of proud of her lol. She’s usually so reserved and polite. Then there’s my coworker, who is sooooo quiet, and shows very little emotion. I thought *I* was [...]

370Z, Smaller and Lighter

| July 10, 2008

370Z mule caught on tape in Arizona. This could be very awesome.  While every other manufacturer in the world is making their revision cars larger and fatter, especially the brand known for the “ultimate driving machine”, Nissan is actually going the other way and making the 350Z’s heir smaller and lighter. I may just have [...]

Resentful Love

| July 10, 2008 I wonder if this is simply a reactionary feeling of resentment at his freedom all these years, while she suffered in imprisonment.  Maybe throw in some, “Why didn’t you come and look for me?” even though logically that would have been suicide.  In any case, it’s merely a…pondering fiction on my end, a mental [...]

Mario Fetish

| July 9, 2008 This has got to be one of the stranger things I’ve read in recent memory. Warning: NSFW. But it is classic, with such quotes as: I will send you the address to a hotel and a room number. When you arrive the door will be open. Please come in close and lock the door [...]

The Void is Interesting (There is No Karma)

| July 9, 2008 It’s interesting to see, due to how world politics formed post-war, how the ally of Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, which itself was involved in very similar atrocities, has pretty much eluded the international spotlight. Not many people know of it, though knowledge of it seems to be spreading. However, conservative Japanese nationals (of which [...]

Life Is Meaningless…Kinda.

| July 7, 2008

I’m not feeling particularly emo at the moment, so I probably won’t write much, nor will it be too introspective. I’ve gotta be in the mood for that. But Eric has been feeling existentialist lately, and we started talking about it.  I’ve been there, done that. Did I find an answer? Not really. More of [...]

Government (U.S.) Uses Communist Interrogation Techniques

| July 2, 2008

That’s just great. Have we sullied ourselves enough yet?