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On Earthquakes and Communists

So yeah, as most SoCal people know, there was an earthquake yesterday, measured at 5.4 Mw, with some reporting a period of 20 seconds.  I was in the middle of the street walking to my car when it happened. It kinda felt like I was surfing the street or something. Two female coworkers ran outside and started crying. Like an ass, I laughed. Lol. I guess the male chauvinist in me found it bizarrely cute and amusing for some reason. Whoops. Anyway, that is besides the point.

So I found this article about the recent Chinese earthquake:

Fucking communist government. So you’ve got all these parents with no child because of their retarded one child policy, and of course the government’s response seems to be to ignore the parents, or pay them off.  No accountability anywhere. It’s sad. I was talking to a random mainlander who found my gchat account somehow, and he really wanted China and America to be friends, and was a bit annoyed that Japan and the US had such close ties while they did not.  So I told him, that’s not going to happen; we will never trust a un-free country, ever. We’ll surely trade with you, but we will never truly be friends.  Japan can have the craziest wartime atrocity history ever, can redirect refugees all the time, can ignore as many extradition requests as it wants, can strictly control foreign investments and tariffs, and we still will trust them more. They’re free. You’re not. End of story. I wonder what happened to him. I kinda joked with him that the doom squad would lock him up because of our conversation, but he said it wasn’t that bad over there.

Of course, this dude got sent to a labor camp for taking photos of the quake damage.

Anyway, it got me reading about the particular earthquake. For some reason, it didn’t jump out at me when the news first broke out several weeks ago, but the earthquake that hit China was 7.9-8.3 Mw and lasted for 2 full minutes.  I guess it took a “personal” earthquake to put things in perspective, although it wasn’t my first.  Using a rough “rule of thumb” as listed in the Mw wiki, that’s about the equivalent of 44,246 – 216,798 Little Boys. Pretty crazy.

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