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To-Do List

These lists seem to be in vogue at the moment. But I tend to forget things unless I write them down, and I so often choose not to write things down anyway!

  • Visit more countries, preferably friendly and stable
  • Get a SCUBA license and then actually use it. Scuba diving by Catalina sounds fun. Or somewhere tropical. The Pacific can be a mite cold.
  • Buy a home
  • Pimp out the garden in said home
  • Build an aviary in said garden
  • Build a water feature that runs through said aviary.
  • Fix motorcycle.
  • Road trip up the famous PCH (preferably with a chica)
  • Road trip up to Lake Tahoe (definitely with a chica). There are some really beautiful vistas up there around the 89 and 395.
  • Lose weight. A lot of it.
  • Read more
  • Surf more
  • Achieve financial security
  • Fund R&D into an anti-shark device so my wussy friend will try surfing
  • Fund mass transit systems around California
  • Fund R&D into space propulsion, better prosthetics, robotics, AI, renewable energy

Haha, the last three are pipe dreams (obviously), if I had billions upon billions like Warren Buffett.,0,6447808.photogallery?index=1

That’s a pretty nice way to retire. Modjeska Canyon is fun to drive around, too.

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