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I think I should start organizing bar gatherings. My friend recently admitted to making out with her friend (male) while a bit drunk.  I was actually kind of proud of her lol. She’s usually so reserved and polite. Then there’s my coworker, who is sooooo quiet, and shows very little emotion. I thought *I* was quiet. She makes me look like …someone help me out here….I don’t know…Someone Who Talks A Lot.  Lame. But at a company party, throw in some booze, and she turns very chatty. It was actually a pleasure to talk to her and see her actually smile. Me? I don’t have too high of a tolerance before it turns into a barf-a-thon, but my inhibitions definitely do lower. Hell, lack of sleep lowers my inhibitions. But not to the point where I’d start making out with people. ;) But it’s definitely nice to be able to cast off all your worries.

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  1. neko says:

    Hey now. I wasn’t a “bit” drunk.

    I was “profusely” drunk. hahah..

    I don’t know if I mentioned that I didn’t remember doing that at all. I was told later what happened.. :)

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