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Hello world!

Hmm. I haven’t had an “official” blog in ages. I’ve been meaning to restart one, although I question whether what I write is of interest to the average acquaintance. Historically, the answer has been a resounding “no.”  Happy, cheery posts elicit traffic. Angry, volatile, political posts, no matter the cause, result in less, particularly with a certain gender. Based on obsolete historical data anyway. In high school. So it goes.

Now, I don’t care as much. I’ve changed since then. If you can’t handle some non-PC language, then see-ya! I tire of disclaimers. The only PC language I’ll try to maintain at the moment, for my friend’s sake, is “children with autism”, not “autistic children.” Keep that in mind folks. The latter defines them as autistic; the former, as children, first.

Anyway, I came across a woman’s blog, and it was interesting, and inspired me to actually get off my ass and start one. I imagine this endeavor will end up like “burnt airplane debris in a cornfield” very soon, but I shall try anyway. And I’ll attempt to keep the emo down, although introspection as of late stimulates me, both by self and by others.

To start, I’ve been a bit sentimental lately, perhaps after recently watching Wall*E (so very cute), and just finishing Pride and Prejudice (oh so good). It’s actually softened my heart (it used to be very soft, where I was delusional about true love and stuff like that) enough to actually be desirous of a “special friend”, something I’ve managed to steel myself from with much success. See, at this point I would just trail off, because the emo alarm is approaching critical. Us menfolk have decency to maintain. Things to brood over. And mull about. But to be vague, a significant other has always seemed like somewhat of a liability. I’ll talk about that at another time. Ha.

But I’m getting older, and the sad reality is that meeting new people is a *lot* harder than I imagined when I was still in college. “Oh hey, I’ll just meet someone post-college.” WTH was I thinking? I fondly reminisce those college days, where womenfolk were aplenty – *smart* womenfolk at that. These days, it’s a wasteland. The usual meeting grounds appear to be the workplace, clubs, and bars. I don’t really do the latter two.  I’m not really convinced I would meet my type there anyway. It would be improbable at best. Work is filled with 18-20 year olds straight out of high school. It’s difficult to hold a stimulating conversation with them. Wow, that sounds elitist. But it’s merely probability to me.  While I certainly recognize the possibility of an intellectual 18-20 year old with no college education dropping into our sales staff, it just hasn’t happened yet. Occasionally one of them will be college educated, or in the midst of one, and that will be interesting, until they leave for school again. Ha. I told myself I’d never go back to school for an advanced degree, but I gotta admit, it’s sad, but the idea of meeting some damn intelligent women there kinda makes it somewhat appealing now. Oh god.

It’s not even really just meeting people for the purpose of “SO” status. Even just meeting new people for friends, period, is difficult. I always figured I’d be content with the friends I had, but damn’t, they all moved away, all in wildly different directions. I thought I had prepared for that inevitability back in freshmen year of high school, but I guess not. I think I take it better than many, though.

So you meet people online, who are total strangers, and you can’t rely on the usual force of incessant proximity to one another that you would have at school, or at work. “Oh hey…I don’t really know you, and you really don’t know me, but you wanna hang out?” It’s probably even weirder for the women when dealing with men. “Is this guy a psycho? Yuuup, he’s gonna stab me.” It definitely requires work, and it’s very easy to drop the ball, especially since I classify myself as an introvert. My friend kinda showed me the way. He always pestered me to hang out. It was kind of awkward, maybe even a bit annoying at first, especially because I didn’t think we held too many common interests, but eventually I agreed here and there, and now I call him friend. Yah. Ok.

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